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Don,t get foxed in the world of business. Read How.

A blog post explaining the need for ErP to keep the business in track, what it means, it,s features, and other aspects to it.

I was doing Electrical and lighting business.The sales were good, because our marketing was efficient, and we had a good Brand. But as you must have heard the Story of Emperor,s new clothes, my situation was similar. Everything looked rosy from outside, but it was not so. I was not focusing on profits and even less on the cash flow my business was generating, because I did not have a good ERP (Enterprise Resources and Planning) system, and the things went from not so good to worse. The company went into a huge loss, and even the new funds which I had brought in later was not enough. If at that time I had given importance to tracking and monitoring the business, using a good ERP software, I would have immediately realised that not everything is smooth sailing and would have immediately anticipated the severe cash flow problems my business will face in the future.The present picture would have been totally different, though we are now taking corrective steps and bouncing back.

Now I have decided that I need to help fellow businessmen by helping them monitoring and tracking their business, so that they do not face the issues I had.

ERP is the mechanism by which you can keep your business on track , speaking in simple terms. The software has different modules like Accounting, Production management, Payroll & H.R, Operations and so on. The modern-day ERP also has a Marketing and CRM(Customer relationship managment) module where you can enter your leads(prospects), process them and get better and faster results.

As mentioned earlier, ERP is a tool which allows you to track and monitor your business. If you are not using ERP software, then for even a small company of say 10 team members, there is a likelihood of not being able to give right information to the customers. Service delivery to the customer is severely handicapped as the people are working in silos, and are not aware of each others business communication and data as there is no single platform like ERP where all the business data, communication is collected ,stored ,accessed, and transferred to departments or persons if there is a need.
If you are manufacturing company then ERP software becomes even more critical as the production of your goods needs to be done efficiently and of defined quality standards and within time. It will be difficult to co-ordinate various activities which are involved in manufacturing from sourcing the raw materials to getting the packed finished goods available for dispatch and sale.
The stage after the packed finished products available for sale, entails activities like Marketing, Sales, Outward logistics which again need the help of ERP.

First we will study your Business model and processes. Then after asking relevant questions, we will understand your requirement. We will evaluate your case based on the metrics we have, and if found that you require an ERP solution , we will offer the ERP solution from the tie ups we have with the ERP vendors, which is appropriate to your company. We may offer a single solution or more than one solution depending upon the many factors of your company. One of the important factor we take into consideration is the implementation of the ERP software and the system. In this case unlike other consultants we will see that the implementation of the software is within your organizations capabilities, the business culture, and the unique requirement of the products , which your organization manufacturers or sells.

So after studying the above article, you think you would like to look into New ERP implementation or evaluate options to the existing one,
We request you to mail us your company profile , with subject interested in knowing more about ERP and CRM systems to or . Cell: 9820237840 or 8655843386

Rahul Madhiwalla.

By Rahul Madhiwalla

I am Rahul Madhiwalla.
A Digital Marketer, Lighting Entrepreneur, Network Marketing professional. I wish to help 100,000 or more people get better in the above fields. I have seen many ups and downs in my life, from which I have gained lot of experience and learning. I wish to share it with those people who resonate with me.

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