Business Development Associate at AtKonnectt a Business Coaching and DISC Assesment organization.

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What I Do

we provide the following services.
1. Business Education
2. Business coaching.
3. Business Mentoring.
4. career planning and mentoring.
5. lighting sales and marketing consultancy.
6. Education business sales and marketing consultancy.

I Coach.

Coaching is a long term bonding that is created and mentored within the business owner/owners and the Coach. It is Important that the coach is embedded into the existing business system as a friend , philosopher and guide and not as an outsider

I Speak.

Every Business Group/ Solo-entrepreneurs/SME’s/MSME’s can avail this service which comes with practical experiences of Indian market and consumerism.

I Write.

We offer the best quality products with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. We are a team committed to providing a quality and smooth shopping experience to our customers.

Need Advice?

“What would need to happen to make this coaching a great investment for me or my business?”

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My e-Books & Courses

Business Model canvas (BMC) is a way of representing a Business Model which has great advantages. come to the event to know what they are and how your business can benefit

Mr. Rahul Madhiwalla

I am Mr Rahul Madhiwalla I am a Business Coach & Consultant with Professional & Practical experience of 30+ years in different management categories in various industries – from FMCG, IT, Consumer durables, Office-Automation and Audio Visuals. Being associated with companies like JBM, PCS, EPSON and KEI I had the privilege of handling their sales distribution network and Business Development Activities, Alignment with manufacturing facilities across the country thru approx. 1000+ Business Associates. 

“Consistency is more important than Brilliance .Stop any leaks within the system , as there is no use in filling the tub, if the plug is left out ."

My Story

• People who want to improve their confidence and self-esteem and be able to express themselves better.

• People who want to overcome procrastination and have had difficulty in forming and sustaining productive habits despite multiple attempts.

• People who are constantly worrying and stressed out and are looking for ways to be relaxed and at ease irrespective of circumstances.

• People who want to improve their relationships with their spouses, family members, managers or office colleagues and reduce conflicts.

• People who don’t find their current jobs/work fulfilling and need support in defining next steps for their career and/or are looking for ways in which they can enjoy the work they presently do.


“The coaching has been really rewarding. I have learned how to communicate clearly with my team and to reflect on my leadership skills. My coach was a phenomenal listener and gave me fantastic tips to improve my performance”