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know a powerful learning tool.


Blinkist is a very useful application which can become a very powerful learning tool. This app gives books summaries which are chapter wise and lastly the final summary. This helps in getting complete idea of the book and get 80% or more learning of the whole book which just takes about 15 to 20 minutes to read. You also have many a times the option to listen to the book which you can do it simultaneously while reading. This will help you in reading and listening to 10 to 15 blinks, in the same time you would have spent in reading the book. Then from these 10 to 15 blinks you can select the book you wish to buy and read completely the unabridged original version. so this app allows you to filter out books which you find it useful and like it, and hence save a huge time spent in reading books and yet improve your learning through books. Now you do not need to prepare synopsis or summary of books which we would have to do earlier to reinforce your learning, as “blinkist” does it for you. Now become strategic in your learning quest and immediately take a free trial by clicking the link above or the following link http://https;//bit.ly/blinkistal for more details wassup to 8655843886 or email to rmadhiwalla@gmail.com

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